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Effects Of Cars In Our Society

Cars have been used as a mode of transport since the start of the twentieth century. Throughout the world, cars have become an accepted symbol in the transport industry. Since they are the most popular means of transport, they have their significant effect on our society today. In the third world countries, their effects are not as pronounced although they are also not negligible. There has been an increase in both the good and bad effects that the invention of cars has caused in society including the change in social infrastructure.

Even a blind man can be able to tell the benefits that cars have brought to the human race. The car industry has created a lot of jobs for our population just as we have previously stated. The presence of cars in our lives has created jobs for many of our unemployed youth. Several people would be left without a job or home if at all the car industry were to stop the manufacture of cars. When a car leaves the car dealer’s shop, the owner might decide to go fill the paperwork necessary for insurance and maybe hire a chauffeur to drive them around too. In case of fuel shortage, they stop at a gas station then fill up the car’s tank. When the car gets dirty, they stop at a car wash establishment and if the car needs servicing, they go to the mechanic. All these people are able to make a living from car manufacturing thus enabling the growth of the economy.

A majorly overlooked effect of increased car production and availability is the fact that the human population has become lazy. Waking has become a taboo. There are those who have a taxi number on speed dial since they do not want to even consider the possibility of them walking anywhere, even to the supermarket that may be a stone-throw’s away. Many developed countries have fallen into the trap of too much reliance on vehicles. There has been increased carbon emissions from such countries since many of their citizens drive their own cars which run on fossil fuel. Increased carbon emissions lead to global warming and an increase in the sea level.

In as much as cars have bettered our lives, we still need to think about the significant effects they have had in our lives. If mother nature decided to fight against us, we would not stand a chance. Finding ways to better the cars we already have will go a long way to create a balance between technology and nature.

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