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Tips to Apply When You Need to Train a Rescue Dog

You can find it hugely satisfying to adopt an abandoned dog. However, you may face a challenge raising such a dog because the psychological issues that it has can make it shy and difficult to interact with as you raise it. You can manage to overcome the psychological problems and behavior by training the dog. Learn about the different things you can do to train a shy rescue dog in this article.

You can find a well-trained and confident dog to help you train the timid one. You will find that shy dog emulating the behavior of the well-trained dog.

Sitting on the ground close to the rescue dog can be a useful tip. This can be of help if the dog seems to be afraid of you since this will make you seem less threatening to it. Only make sure that the dog will not act aggressively toward you so that you are safe.

It is essential to use words to train your dog as opposed to violence. When your dog prohibits lousy behavior, you should punish it using words and not by using violence. You can use sharp and firm words like ‘no’ and ‘stop’ to get it to stop doing something wrong. Reinforce is good behavior by praising it in a soothing and calm tone whenever it does what it should do.

When your dog displays good behavior, it is good to let you know that it is doing the right thing. You can have a treat on hand as a way to show it that it is doing what is right. When buying treats, make sure that they are healthy and not harmful for the dog, and those that contain meat are an excellent option.

You should work on gaining the trust of the dog. It is doubtful that you will have the dog obey you if it does not trust you. Be patient with the dog in the process of building trust, since like in any other relationship, building trust takes time. You need to get the dog to believe that nothing bad will happen to it especially when something scary happens.

Take some time before you get the dog to wear the leash. Introduce the leash slowly and gently, and you can avoid making eye contact when putting the leash on it. Make sure that it gets a leash that it’s comfortable in and reward it if it cooperates.

You should ensure that your dog does not bite anyone. Even if it bites at your clothes or hands, you should make sure that it understands that this behavior is unacceptable.

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